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completely customizable just trace out whatever you want to put in there and scoop out the foam

Our Dual Compartment Gun Concealment cabinets are not only a beautiful piece of home decor that goes great in any part of the house, They also offer gun owners easy access to their weapons. All Flags come with "L" brackets on the inside so they are super easy to mount on the wall, once you find the first stud, the others line right up. They all come with Kaizen foam which peels out in layers, just trace out your weapon or anything that you want to put in the cabinet and scoop out the foam for a clean looking, and solid fit. They are completely customizable and can be designed in the way that best fits your needs. They all have childproof magnetic locks which can either be left engaged or disengaged, your preference. The Cabinets are stained, not painted to give each cabinet a rustic and unique look.